Brooklyn Armory Night 2013, Williamsburg Afterhours Exhibitions and Participating Galleries:
Art 101—101 Grand St, New York, NY,  Common Ground, Christine Hughes

Her deep connection to the natural world informs the work of Christine Hughes. Weeds, twigs, compost — what might be viewed as the detritus of the garden — are celebrated in these intricate drawings, paintings and installations that invite us to wander outside of our imprinted parameters of expectations. (here)

resolve40, March 2013, Christine Hughes: Common Ground by Jerry Orter & Bruce Weber

Alley Culture, Fall 2012, Night on Earth, Fall exhibition (pdf)

Alley Culture, Spring 2012, Compost, Christine Hughes, drawing

Alley Culture, Spring 2012, Compost #2, Christine Hughes, pencil drawing (pdf)